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 Banquet Fundraisers 

To help defray the cost of the ASB/ZK Christmas Banquet, the Girls Club, Zeta Kappa, will be sponsoring the following fundraisers:

  1.  Shoe Drive - Through a company called funds2orgs, an organization that collects shoes and distributes them all over the world to people in need, we will be collecting your unwanted shoes. We collect the shoes, the company then comes out, picks them up and gives you money for them. The catch is we need 100 bags of shoes 25 pairs each bag. So, If any of you have some old shoes that you are having that just can't bare to throw away,  The girls from Zeta Kappa would LOVE to take them off your handsAny shoe works: sandals, tennis, dress, kids, any type and size. All you have to do is drop your shoes off at the dorm and we'll take it from there! For more info. visit

  2.  Beary Clean Car Wash. It's dusty and hot out and so are our cars! The girls dorm has some tickets for sale for a nice refreshing Beary clean car wash! The great thing about these tickets is all proceeds go directly to us so your support is greatly appreciated!

                                 Prices are:

                                             1   =   8$

                                             2   = 16$

                                             5   = 40$

                                            10 = 80$

If you would like a ticket or need help in any way regarding shoes or have any questions please text the girls dean number 253-261-5055. 


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