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Dear Alumni and Friends,


100 years ago, the dream of starting Auburn Adventist Academy at the base of Mount Rainier became a reality.  Moving the conference school from Mount Vernon, Washington in 1919 and starting Western Washington Missionary Academy on this beautiful 260-acre property was the dream of our pioneers.  No wonder in 1931, when we became Auburn Academy, our school song was, “Hillside and valleys, mountains of snow…” It is hard to believe 100 years has passed and we are still serving young people.  Not only have we aged but so has our lovely campus. It is time for a face-lift and now as we celebrate our centennial, we need your gift of financial support.


As I reflect on my time at Auburn Adventist Academy in the early 80’s I think of those amazing memories. I came from my small hometown of Ketchikan Alaska and was blessed to find a safe community of friends at our beloved school.  My story is similar to so many students that walk onto our campus who are looking for a safe place to grow and thrive. I’m privileged to be working for the Academy now because I believe it is making a difference in the lives of our boys and girls.  That is why I’m asking for you to take part in this centennial Restore Auburn moment.  Together, we can and we will make a difference.  


I have watched hurting kids find their purpose and become active student missionaries.  I’ve seen young people from broken homes, bashful and scared became vocal giants in Sylvan and in front of church.  I’ve observed churches, financially support a family wanting their child at Auburn Adventist Academy and now seeing that child finish college with a bright future.  Auburn Adventist Academy is still changing lives both now and for eternity. So many amazing stories happen on our campus. This is why we need your involvement in our Centennial Restore Auburn campaign.  


Auburn Adventist Academy has a bright future as we move forward with a growing student body.  Because we know attending Auburn Adventist Academy is a life-transforming experience for many of our students, Restore Auburn is an investment in the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of our campus.  


  • Safety is of the utmost importance.  We plan to have all doors remain locked, opened only by key cards that student and staff would carry.  

  • Efficiency is about lowering our carbon footprint by improving the windows, doors and heating and cooling system within many of our buildings.  

  • Effectiveness is simply improving our outdated bathrooms, dorm rooms and many of our classrooms.  We want to make the most of these spaces for our young men and women to grow both mentally and spiritually in the best environment possible.


We are excited with the growth we are currently experiencing as well as the energy and dedication of our talented staff. Auburn Adventist Academy is a mission field where we encourage our students to grow with their God-given talents. We see about 90% of our seniors moving on to college, striving to continue in the rich heritage of all those alumni that have preceded them.


However, you are the difference for our students. Your gifts and sincere prayers are an amazing blessing to us. Together, as a community, we can continue to serve and nurture our students now and into the future.  Restore Auburn is our prayerful $1,000,000 capital campaign, investing in the future for our students. We are excited to report that we have a $50,000 Christmas match to get us started in a big way.  Please be a part of this exciting opportunity. Together, this is our moment to make a significant legacy gift that will benefit young people for many years to come.  Be a part of this 100-year celebration. You are important to Auburn Adventist Academy and your support to Restore Auburn, no matter the size, makes a difference!


Thank you again for making an impact on Christian education as we continue to share the love of Jesus in the lives of our students.  To quote my mother’s favorite verse, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the Truth” (3 John 4).







Pastor Jay Coon

VP of Growth & Development







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