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School Profile

School Profile

 Quick Facts about Auburn Adventist Academy
100 Year Legacy
Auburn Adventist Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian high school in Auburn, Washington. Established in 1919, the Academy has almost 100 years of experience in offering students a genuine spiritual atmosphere, a broad diverse academic experience, as well as a safe, friendly and accepting environment.
Educating for Life & Eternity
Auburn Adventist Academy provides a Seventh-day Adventist education that challenges our students to transform their community as disciples of Jesus by:

  • Enhancing relationships while serving others
  • Empowering them to be successful in college, work, and life
  • Experiencing a genuine friendship with Jesus Christ

Education Philosophy
AAA, while promoting high achievement in the academic desciplines, seeks to transmit a unique body of beliefs, all imbed with Christian principles, including those special to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This, AAA endeavors to equip students with the spiritual, physical, mental, and social skills required of responsible, productive citizens of the world and faith-based community.
Overall Learning Objectives

  • To know and reverence God
  • To study and trust the Bible as God’s message
  • To experience the joy of the Sabbath as a sign of God’s creative power
  • To accept the Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle
  • To respect God, church, country, others, and self
  • To know and experience the dignity of labor
  • To share with others one’s love and understanding of God
  • To be restored to the image of God

School Type
Boarding with Day Students
Grade Levels
9-12 with an elementary school and day care on adjacent campuses
Year Established
1919 – This year’s junior class will be the 100th graduating class!
Current Student Enrollment
Teacher: Student Ratio
1: 10
Total International Students
5000 Auburn Way South,
Auburn, WA 98092
Unique Features
Culinary arts classroom, indoor pool, extra large gymnasium, woodshop, and auto shop.
Program Features
Full academic class range including honors classes and ESL program; community outreach; practical classes (sewing, culinary arts, auto mechanics, woodshop); fine arts (drawing/painting); music program (wind ensemble, orchestra, hand bells, two levels of choir, and piano); athletics (basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, horsemanship, golf, scuba diving, skiing/snowboarding). Take your pick!
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