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SEEK Today
Enrollment is now open for current Auburn Adventist Academy students. Application forms are due May 5 and are available in the Administration Office. 
**NOTE** - No applications are taken after June 30

Join us to Support, Educate and Encourage Kids
Seek Today is a non profit 501c community investment organization comprised of business leaders, academic professionals and local volunteers with the common goal of supporting and encouraging students in their education at Auburn Adventist Academy.
Your donation is highly valued and each student who receives a scholarship understands that they are an investment and encouraged to give back to AAA through higher standards and academic goals.
It it's first year SEEK Today helped 7 students. With your donation we can help more students achieve their educational and spiritual goals at Auburn Adventist Academy.
To read more about our qualifications, who we are and a letter from a precipitant please read our current News letter.

SEEKToday's News letter (PDF)
You can donate via pay pal

Or Mail your check made to: SEEK Today to                                                           Board President – Gerald Burke
SEEK Today                                                                                                                 Board VP – Cheri Fletcher
Auburn Adventist Academy
5000 Auburn Way S                                                                                                     Email: seektoday@hotmail.com
Auburn WA 98091