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Student Jobs
Student Job Opportunities
Having an on-campus job is a great way to build a resume and help pay for your school tuition. A variety of jobs at state minimum wage are available on campus.
To apply for an on-campus job during the school year or the summer months, please contact Chrystal Clemens chrystal.clemens@auburn.org
Employment Process

Upon acceptance to AAA students must register for a Student Worker Orientation Class. At this class they will learn about job opportunities and complete all the necessary forms to be employed at Auburn Adventist Academy. Please make sure to bring Photo Id, Social Security card and/or Passport for employment documentation.

Examples of Student Jobs
Administrative Office Aide                                                      Business Office Aide
Campus Ministries Aide                                                          Computer Lab Assistant
Department Reader                                                                Development Office Aide
Dormitory Assistant                                                                 Food Service Assistant
Janitorial Aide                                                                           Library Aide
Lifeguard                                                                                   Maintenance Assistant
Landscaping & Grounds Crew                                              Music Department Aide
PE Department Aide                                                               Recruiting Aide
Student Health Department Aide                                          Tutor
Chrystal Clemens | Student Accounts & Labor | 253.939.5000 ext. 225 or chrystal.clemens@auburn.org