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Auburn Adventist Academy aims to offer a Christ-centered, character-drive approach to educational athletics.

The 4 C's of Auburn's Athletic Philosophy

"Win with Grace, Lose with Dignity, Above all Glorify God"

Christ - Athletics creates a different venue where adult mentors can share Christ with our students, and help our students foster a deeper relationship with Christ.

Character - Athletics doesn't create character, it reveals it. You need strong mentors in place that use the teachable moments that present themselves in athletics to teach life lessons.

Confidence - Everyone has different talents, and gifts. Athletics provides a place where our students can begin to nurture and develop some of those gifts.

Championships - Winning isn't the end destination of athletics. It's a byproduct of striving for excellence. Excellence should always be the goal.
Join a team
Soccer | Boys | Fall Season | $100/player for the season | $150/player to attend WWU Fall Classic (October)

Track & Field | Girls & Boys | Spring Season | Variable fee

Volleyball | Girls | Fall Season | $100/player for the season | $150/player to attend WWU Fall Classic (October)

Basketball | Girls & Boys | Winter Season | Variable fee | $150/player to attend WWU Friendship Tournament (January)

Cross Country | Girls & Boys | 3 miles per race | $100/participant for the season

Horsemanship | Girls & Boys | Sundays in September-October | 2.5 PE credits available | $350 for entire class (includes all equipment like boots and helmets, horses, instruction, and transportation to/from Sunset Lake Camp)

Additional Options | Swimming, Lifeguarding, Scuba Diving, Ski & Snowboard Program, Varsity Sports, Recreational Sports
Go Falcons!
Sports Calendar – 

Please click on the links below to navigate our basketball seasons schedule. 

Girls JV Basketball

Boys JV Basketball

Girls Varsity Basketball

Boys Varsity Basketball
Admission to Games – Purchase a Falcon Pass from the AAA Business Office to attend games and save a few dollars on entrance fees. AAA students attend games for free.

League Website – Find updated scores, standings, and schedules online at www.seatac2bleague.com.