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Senior Class
Seniors! It's a full year of activity until you walk down the graduation aisle. Here's what you need to know about senior trips, activities and events!

Senior Trips & Events
Senior Trip in September

Senior Dedication Weekend in February
Vespers is Friday at 7:30 pm. Church is Saturday (Sabbath) at 11 am. Both programs are held at AAA Church.

Walla Walla University Days in April

Senior Trip in May

Graduation in June
Graduation Weekend Schedule
  • Friday Evening – Consecration at 8 pm, AAA Church
  • Saturday – Baccalaureate at 11 am, Rainier Auditorium
    Tribute to Parents at 7:30 pm, AAA Church
    Class Night at 9:15 pm, Rainier Auditorium
  • Sunday – Commencement at 10 am, Rainier Auditorium
Applying to College
  • Save some money! Apply to three colleges via www.adventistcolleges.org to avoid an application fee.
  • FAFSA: You don’t have to have your taxes done to complete this form. The first ones to fill this out have the best opportunities for the free money for college.  Be diligent and go for the best monies early – otherwise you will need to apply for student loans.
  • SAT/ACT: For the ACT, you sign up online; you do not need to fill out a packet. For the SAT, you have to fill out a packet for the first time; after that you can do that online as well.
    • AAA HIGHSCHOOL CODE:  480045
    • SAT Test Center:  48-105
    • ACT Test Center:  186321
List of Adventist Colleges & Universities
in North America