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Dorm Life
Meet your deans!

Dean Teresa Soule loves to mentor young women and help them become women of God.
Dean Nathan Klingstrand loves to mentor young men and help them to become men of God.

Our deans pray with residents, lead worships, oversee homework sessions, work with resident assistants, provide nightly room checks, manage dorm operations, maintain overall dorm cleanliness, plan weekend and evening activities, transport students as needed, and serve as a parent for students away from home. Our deans provide for the spiritual, social, physical and academic needs of students.

Home Leave Transportation
Transportation to the Sea-Tac International Airport is available upon request. All sign-ups for transportation go through the deans.

Student Health Services
Student Health Services addresses any medical concerns or emergencies that arise for dorm and village students. The School Nurse takes care of managing student medical needs and contacts parents/guardians in the event of injury or illness. Your student is covered by accident insurance through the school. Student Health Services (at the far end of Miller Aquatic Center) is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 1:00pm and on-call at (253) 335-5334.