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AAA Staff List

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  • Auburn's email system is firstname.lastname@auburn.org.
  • The extensions are updated. Please double check the extension of the person you are calling.
  • The main school number at 253-939-5000.

John Soule, Principal
Ext. 205
Direct: 253-939-5000
Email: john.soule

Marko Oksanen, Vice Principal for Finance
Ext. 228
Direct: 253-249-0101
Email: marko.oksanen

Jay Coon, Vice Principal for Growth and Development
Ext. 229
Direct: 253-653-9880
Email: jay.coon

Roxanne Wickward, Vice Principal for Academics
Ext. 219
Direct: 253-249-0108
Email: roxanne.wickward

Teresa Soule, Girls' Dean
Ext. 401
Direct: 253-261-5055
Email: teresa.soule

Nathan Klingstrand, Boys' Dean
Ext. 301
Email: nathan.klingstrand

Suzette Maxwell, Office Manager
Ext. 205
Direct: 253-939-5000
Email: suzette.maxwell

Linda Blaser, Assistant Registrar/Scheduling
Ext. 214
Email: linda.blaser

Business & Facilities Office
Marko Oksanen, Vice Principal for Finance and Business Manager
Ext. 228
Direct: 253-249-0100
Email: marko.oksanen

Derek Brizendine, Intern/Business Office
Ext. 208
Email: derek.brizendine

Sherry Hyde, Accounts Payable
Ext. 203
Direct: 253-249-0107
Email. sherry.hyde

Chrystal Clemens, Student Finance/Student Labor
Ext. 225
Direct: 253-249-0103
Email: chrystal.clemens

Dale Hyde, Maintenance  
Email: dale.hyde

Gary Whittaker, Grounds
Ext. 281
Email: gary.whittaker

Gordon Garner, Property Manager/Maintenance
Email: gordon.garner

Patrice Dunn, Housekeeping Supervisor
Email: patrice.dunn
Residential Staff: Deans, Cafeteria & Student Health
Teresa Soule, Girls' Dean
Ext. 401
Direct: 253-261-5055
Email: teresa.soule

Stephanie Brito, Girls' Taskforce Dean
Tiffanny Nelson, Girls' Taskforce Dean

Ext. 402

 Girls' Dean on Duty Phone

Nathan Klingstrand, Boys' Dean
Ext. 301
Email: nathan.klingstrand

Cameron McConnachie, Boys' Taskforce Dean
Xander Wirtz, Boys' Taskforce Dean

Ext. 302

Boys' Dean on Duty Phone

Zuzana Rachal, Food Service Director
Ext. 272

Marlene Kingman, Food Service
Ext. 271

Sarah Wazdatskey, Food Service
Ext. 273

Kelli Burke, RN, School Nurse/Teacher
Ext. 210
Direct: 253.249.0130
Email: kelli.burke

Growth and Development Department 
Jay Coon, Vice Principal for Growth and Development
Ext. 229
Email: jay.coon

Lori Kissinger, Secretary
Ext. 217
Email: lori.kissinger

Growth & Development Committee
Email: aaagrowth@gmail.com

Lon Gruesbeck, International Coordinator (WISE)
Direct: 253-269-6881

Carmen Slavens, WISE Administrative Assistant
Email: carmen.slavens

Teaching Staff
Campus Ministries
Jennifer Woody, Chaplain/Bible teacher

Ext. 223
Email: jennifer.woody

Karyle Barnes, Bible teacher
Ext. 234
Email: karyle.barnes

English & ELL/ESL Departments
Mary Kobberstad, English/Speech Teacher

Ext. 239
Email: mary.kobberstad

Stacy Tejel, English/Spanish teacher
Ext. 240
Email: stacy.tejel

Duane Hoori, ESL Director/Teacher
Ext. 252
Email: duane.hoori

History Department
Joe Underhill, History Teacher
Ext. 232
Email: joe.underhill

Roxanne Wickward, History Teacher
Ext. 219
Email: roxanne.wickward

Science & Math Departments
Grace Gratias, Science Teacher
Ext. 236
Email: grace.gratias

Bryce Sampsel, Mathematics/Science
Ext. 248
Email: bryce.sampsel

Bill Ludwig, Mathematics Teacher
Ext. 233
Email: bill.ludwig

Keith Rodman, Mathematics Teacher
Ext. 237
Email: keith.rodman

Music Department
Melia Williams, Music Teacher (Sylvan and Choir Director)
Ext. 244
Email: melia.williams

Trenton Russell, Music Teacher (Band and Orchestra Director)
Ext. 243
Email: trenton.russell

Grace Choi, Music Teacher (piano)
Ext. 245
Email: grace.choi

Athletic Department
Logan Adams, Athletics Director/Varsity
Ext. 250
Email: logan.adams

Mike Cook, Physical Education Teacher/Intramurals
Ext. 296
Email: mike.cook

Debbie Coon, Aquatics Instructor
Ext. 253
Email: debbie.coon

Applied Education Department
Brian Barnhurst, Industrial Arts Teacher
Ext. 247
Email: brian.barnhurst

Robert Renfroe, Art Teacher
Ext. 247
Email: robert.renfroe

Melia Williams, Consumer Science Teacher
Ext. 244
Email: melia.williams

Pastoral Staff

Auburn Adventist Academy Church
Angel Ogando, Lead Pastor
Ext. 265

Wilma Bing, Associate Pastor
Ext. 267

Jesse Churchill, Youth Pastor
Ext. 265

Deirdre Epperson, Office Manager
Ext. 265